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General Etiquette for 3rd Year

Posted by medliorator on July 7, 2008

realize that you and the rest of the medical students make up a team. You are partners. And unless there are any glaring differences, you will all generally be looked upon with either the same high regard or disgust. Therefore, you should do whatever is necessary to make your teammates look really good. You should alert your teammates to any changes with their patients.

give teammates credit when delivering presentations. Whenever an attending posed a question to the group and told us to look it up, I would present the information the next day and state that my partners and I all played a role in researching the topic …The end result is that everyone gets high marks.

I’ve had several attendings tell me at the end of the rotation, “Your team is so great. I’m going to give you all excellent evaluations. You’re much better than many of the other students I have seen around here.” …Nothing is worse during third year than a dysfunctional team.

The final piece of etiquette is that you should never say anything bad about other students, residents, or attendings.

You should also go so far as to never make fun of other specialties.

The Half M.D.’s Life Raft for third year [Half MD]

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