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How to Defer Federal Student Loans

Posted by medliorator on June 26, 2008

step-by-step manual on how to apply for economic hardship deferment for your federal student loans from No Acute Distress (Personal finance issues for loan-burdened medical students):

The following assumes that you have federal student loan debt and that you are interested in having payments and/or interest accrual deferred for at least one and perhaps two years after med school graduation. Your interest accrual will only be deferred for loans such as subsidized Stafford and Perkins loans. Interest will continue to accrue on unsubsidized Stafford loans.

  • You can only submit to any particular lender 30 days prior to the day your loan goes into repayment.
  • Economic Hardship Deferment How-To [No Acute Distress]

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