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How to Take an MRI

Posted by medliorator on June 24, 2008

A recent study in the journal Surgical Neurology recommended that MRI’s be done while the patient is in the position that causes symptoms.  This is helpful advice.  MRI’s are usually done while the patient is lying down.  Lying down takes stress off the spine and changes the positions of spinal structures, sometime making things look normal when there’s really a problem.

Get Your MRI In The Position That Causes Pain [How to Cope with Pain]

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Powerpoint Presentation Tips

Posted by medliorator on June 24, 2008

2) The 10 minute rule–Your audience fades after 10 minutes. If you have to lecture for 50 minutes, conscientiously change-up every 10 minutes or so. Turn on the lights, show a blank screen and tell a story, have your audience stand up and stretch, anything to reset the 10-minute boredom clock.

3) Pictures beat text–We remember a good image far longer than a string of text. During your talks, show images, speak words. If you need blocks of text for your talk, use handouts.

Three brain rules to improve your presentations [Getting Things Done in Academia]

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