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Save Money on Gasoline

Posted by medliorator on June 21, 2008

There are strong opinions about how much gas air conditioning uses up, versus how much is wasted via drag with the windows kept open. In multiple studies it has shown to have no or minimal effect on fuel efficiency. Crank up the air conditioning and be comfortable. Tire inflation falls into the same category: having your tires overinflated or under inflated with cause more wear on your tires but won’t alter your gas bill much (if at all)

Thanks to web sites like GasBuddy and GasPriceWatch, it’s easy to keep a tabs on which stations have the best prices in your area.

Drive the speed limit. Unless you’re driving across the entire country speeding won’t save you more than a few minutes, will cost you more in gas, and increase the chance of being involved in an accident.

Easy Ways to Save Money on Gas [Lifehacker]

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