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How to Escape Distraction

Posted by medliorator on June 20, 2008

“There are people working hard to distract you. Distraction is not a static obstacle that you avoid like you might avoid a rock in the road. Distraction seeks you out.” -Paul Graham

1) Write down everything you do, every day, for a week. “I don’t know where my time goes.”  Then it’s time you found out… Even if you’re aware of some of your distractions, you likely have others that are so subtle, you had no idea they were even a problem.

4) Quarantine your distractions to specific times of the day. The best way to block that impulse is to set aside time in your day or week that you’ll dedicate specifically to indulging in distractions.

6) Say “no” and mean it. …Avoid all of this hassle by saying no in a firm but respectful way. For an even more effective distraction-killer, when you’re invited out, suggest other people that may want to go instead. When someone comes to you for help, offer ways in which she or he might be able to solve the problem without involving you.

7 Ways to Stop Getting Distracted When You’re Trying to Get Work Done [The Students’ Blog]

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