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How to Reduce Pre-Exam Stress

Posted by medliorator on June 2, 2008

by Sohil H. Patel, MD

No student knows every detail about the topic being tested. That is why it may always seem like you need more time to study, and why you never feel fully prepared.

Before memorizing details, I always tried to build a framework. Take pulmonology, for example. Instead of learning pulmonary diseases at random, learn the basic categories of disease (eg, obstructive, restrictive), then learn the common features within each category, and finally, fill in the categories with particular diseases.

there are many ways to address the stress itself… For me, it seemed to help if I stuck with my workout schedule regardless of how close I was to an examination… I also had the peculiar habit of taking a shower if I thought I was getting overly stressed out and I needed a break.

How Do You Handle Pre-examination Stress? [Medscape]

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