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Perks of Away Rotations

Posted by medliorator on May 22, 2008

Thomas Robey at Medscape…

Rural Perks:

  • The student-teacher ratio is stacked for you. There may be only one or two students learning from 10 doctors, 15 techs, 25 nurses and hundreds of patients. If there are residents, you can often pick and choose which folks teach in a way that matches your learning styles.
  • It’s easy to maintain continuity of care with the “build your own schedule” setup many away rotations have. I can see a surgical patient’s initial presentation, a pre-op clinic appointment, assist in the procedure, manage the post-op hospital stay, and participate in follow-up care.

Urban Perks:

  • Residency letters sometimes need to come from department big shots.
  • Are you considering a career in a medical or surgical specialty? Good luck finding a cardiologist or urologist in private practice willing to take time out for a student. Away rotations can be useful for the bread and butter of medicine, but there’s a reason why people travel to academic medical centers for care. That’s where the specialists are!

Pros and Cons of the Away Rotation [Medscape]

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