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Matching Where you Don’t Want to be

Posted by medliorator on May 19, 2008

Approximately 6% of US graduating medical students do not match at all and have to scramble. …in 2007, 58.6% of US students matched at their first choice.

You are going to a program that wants you to be there. …residencies do not rank students who they do not want working for them. If you have a spot, it means that both you and the program managers agree that you fit in there. …you will be disappointed when you first get the news, which is a normal response because of the amount of time you spent thinking about that list. However, allow that disappointment to be brief, because residency is challenging by design and you will need positive energy.

Keep in mind that almost half of the applicants do not get their first choice.

What If I Match a Residency Program I Don’t Want? [Medscape]


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