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Posted by medliorator on May 16, 2008

Jefferson surgeons perform reconstruction immediately following radical mastectomy. Women with breast cancer often seek immediate breast reconstruction after a mastectomy to help them regain a semblance of their body and for their psychological peace of mind.

Heart Transplant. The Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Montefiore-Einstein Heart Center in New York.


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  1. Izzie Calhoun said

    I’m a senior in highschool at the moment. I know I want to be a doctor and maybe even a surgeon, but I my fears are that I’m just not good enough. What exactly am I in for? I mean do I need to be abnormally smart. I understand I will need to “try hard” but what does that mean exactly. I hope you can give me a detailed explanation of what I’m in for or what I should expect I need some answers or somewhere to start. Where should I start to look if I am interested in becoming some kind of doctor? Thank you for your time.

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