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Slacker Advice: “Disappearing” on Rotations

Posted by medliorator on May 11, 2008

Med School Hell offers a few lighthearted tips for being the “absent” medical student while still achieving a passing grade on your rotations…

4. Study In The Library
If you like to study in your downtime, always let it be known that you prefer to study in the library for minimal distractions. This gets you away from rotations and you’ll be less likely to be called on for scut. If the residents or attendings object, reinforce the fact that you’ll be available via page and that you are on campus. No argument against you studying in the library can hold much water, so you’ve just got to do it.

5. Map Your Exit Strategy
Always know your route of escape for each rotation. A good rule of thumb is to never, ever take the elevator on your way out. You’ll inevitably run into an attending or someone that’s going to squeal. Even if you’re on the 11th floor, the stairs are your best friend.

6. Never Carry A Backpack
Having your backpack on while walking down the hall is a sure-fire sign that you’re leaving. You should always carry just what you need in your white coat. By doing this, you never look like you’re leaving. While you want to create inconsistency with your presence, you’ll want to maintain a consistent appearance. If you plan to study in the library, simply leave everything in your car and then swing by and pick it up

6 Tips For Disappearing on Rotations [Med School Hell]


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