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When & How to Disclose your Specialty Preference

Posted by medliorator on April 28, 2008

Thomas Robey at Medscape…

The purpose of rotating in all the major fields is to educate students in the basic principles of medicine. A secondary goal is to assist future doctors in knowing when to refer their patients for specialty care. The third objective is to help students decide which residency to apply to.

the observant student will recognize that it might not be a good idea to disclose her chosen profession to those evaluating her.

As it gets later in the year, the legitimacy of an “I don’t know” answer decreases. You’ve scheduled the fourth year to cater to your next step and you’re already thinking about residency programs. Hopefully, you’re pondering what will go into your personal statement. Even if you’re considering three fields, at least that’s down from the “everything seems interesting” non-answer

be confident in your ability to identify what you are best at, what you enjoy the most, and what career will contribute to a happy and meaningful life. When you’re on a team with docs who don’t understand your view, that’s okay. In whatever clerkship you are in, you’ll be best served by working hard and studying. In the end, that will affect your grade more than your professional choices. And when you’re out on the field with your own practice, don’t forget the value of teamwork. I can’t think of any way that trash talk benefits patient care.

Coming Out of the Closet [Medscape]

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