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How to Save Money at Conferences

Posted by medliorator on April 23, 2008

  • Shop around for hotels – We’re all familiar with airfare comparison websites, but remember that many of them offer hotel deals as well …websites like list friendly people willing to let you stay in their living rooms for free, but make sure it’s a place that will allow you to get some rest and relaxation between conference
  • Find a roommate, or two. If no one you know is attending, often the organization sponsoring the conference will have an email list you can use for this.
  • Take care of business before you leave. It can be frustrating and expensive to wait in line at a hotel printer or copier to print out materials you need for your presentation. …bring hard copies, as well as backup electronic copies, of everything with you.
  • Work the open receptions and lunches, but…
  • Set yourself a drink maximum. Often, conference events have a paid bar… Nurse those babies like there’s no tomorrow. This also helps to avoid the situation where you realize the next morning you’ve just spread the rumor that a prominent member of your department is deeply attracted to fish.

Saving money at conferences [Economical Academic]

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