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When Medicine is not for You

Posted by medliorator on April 22, 2008

1. Stick It Out
the ultimate goal when dealing with the question of when to get out of medicine is to keep as many doors open as possible. Quitting medical school outright closes a very big door. Yes, it sucks to be miserable but remember that the bulk of your misery will be concentrated during your junior year. Your senior year will be much better

2. Try Alternative Specialties
During your fourth year electives, take this time to evaluate “alternative” specialties that you didn’t get to experience as part of your core rotation schedule during your junior year …Some of these specialties are actually “undiscovered gems” that might give you the lifestyle and amount of free time that you are looking for.

3. What If That Doesn’t Work?
you may find that nothing in medicine appeals to you. That’s OK, too. However, by finishing school you’ve left the door open as a “fall back” plan.

4. Try Alternative Careers
After graduating from medical school, jump into alternative employment and try to discover your niche. This can involve furthering your education through graduate degrees.

When To Get Out of Medicine If You’re Unhappy [MedSchool Hell]

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