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How to Pop a Pimple

Posted by medliorator on April 18, 2008

here’s how to do it properly:


1. Pick only pimples that are ready to be popped. The white blood cells will have collected and be walled off in the follicle, forming a visible white head on the surface. If it does not have a white head, then squeezing, mashing, poking, or prodding will only make it worse.
2. Wash your face and hands with warm water and soap and pat dry.
5. Gently wipe the pimple and surrounding area with [alcohol].
6. With the [sterilized] needle nearly parallel to your skin, impale the head of the pimple. If possible, stay parallel with the skin and gently push the needle thorough the other side of the pimple then pull up, opening the top of the pimple.
8. Using even pressure push down, perpendicular to your skin, around the pimple. Do not squeeze the pimple between your thumb and fingers. Squeezing can cause the pustule to rupture backwards, deeper into your skin, creating further inflammation and turning a little pimple into a big, red nodule.
9. Gently wipe the area with [alcohol]… apply some witch hazel if you have some, or just hold light pressure for a minute or so.


If your pimple persists, consider visiting your dermatologist. He or she can sometimes inject it with steroid to help it resolve faster

The Proper Way to Pop a Pimple [The Derm Blog]

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