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Things they Don’t Tell you in [Med] School

Posted by medliorator on April 16, 2008

Inside tips from the Head Nurse:

1. Constipation: Your own, not the patient’s.
If you’re working three or four days in a row, your first day off will be spent pooping and sleeping. Accept this and do not attempt to buck the trend. The downside to not getting to poop when you’d like is hemorrhoids. The upside is stronger sphincters and the ability to work through a case of food poisoning.


2. Did something die, or did you just take off your shoes?
your feet will stink to high heaven. Again, acceptance of your plight is key. Soap and water before bed do a lot to prevent both athlete’s foot and the death of your bed partner.


3. Bleach is your friend.
If, like me, you *have* to wear a white coat, …you should buy stock in bleach companies now.


4. You will become more cynical than you ever thought possible.
Cynical doesn’t mean evil; it just means that you’re coping with the stresses of your job.


9. Nurses are nice, normal (mostly) people, too.
For the most part, nurses become smarter/faster/less inclined to bullshit the longer they work. This makes them good people to work and relax with, both.

Things they don’t tell you in nursing school [Head Nurse]

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