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Removal of Foreign Body

Posted by medliorator on April 8, 2008

I recently treated a young patient with a cylindrical metallic foreign body in the ear canal …it was a tiny fuse. The smoothness and rounded edges of the object made grasping with alligator forceps impossible. The width of the object prohibited the use of a cerumen spoon since the object fit the canal almost perfectly. The only magnets we could find were [weak], and my lame attempt at using a suction catheter was entirely ineffective. Because I couldn’t tell how close the object was to the eardrum, I chose not to attempt the balloon-tipped catheter method


I removed the object by irrigating with Auralgan.


there was just enough room between the ear canal and the …object for the solution to pass by. The consistency of the Auralgan provided superior back pressure as well as excellent lubrication which made what was until then a frustrating procedure seem ridiculously simple.

Foreign Body Removal from the Ear [Scalpel or Sword?]

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