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Bipolar Disorder: In-Home Testing

Posted by medliorator on March 30, 2008

a company is selling a testing kit that you can use yourself, in the privacy of your own home, to see if you have genes that increase the risk of bipolar disorder.


Psynome™ – tests for two mutations of the GRK3 gene that are associated with bipolar disorder.


Psynome2™ –tests for gene mutations in the Promoter L allele gene that predicts patient response to serotonin-based drugs, the most commonly prescribed drug therapies in psychiatry today. These tests are useful to your doctor in making a timely and accurate diagnosis of your condition and prescribing the right medication. The tests can be ordered individually or combined.


In order to know if the test is worth anything, you would have to do some kind of study that shows that the people who get the test, do better in the long run. It is one thing to be able to tell whether the mutations are present. In is another thing to show that the knowledge makes a difference in the outcome of the treatment.


Previous efforts have failed to show clinical utility, even if they are useful in a research setting. Any proposed test will have to meet a high standard before it will make any sense to put it into use. Even then, it is doubtful that it would make sense for a person to do it at home.

In-Home Test for Bipolar Disorder [The Corpus Callosum]

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