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How to be a Good 3rd Year

Posted by medliorator on March 20, 2008

Anna Burkhead at The Differential:

I’ve compiled a list of things that make a medical student “bad”:

  • BAD ATTITUDE. If you balk when your intern asks you to write the note on your patient for that day, or if you repeatedly say no to scrubbing in on late afternoon OR cases, you may be a bad medical student.
  • Disappearing. for extended periods, multiple times per day, to read or nap or goof around. I’m not saying you need to be married to your team, but make them aware you’re available and willing to help.
  • Not appearing interested. Even if you detest surgery, or if you’d rather poke yourself with a MRSA-flavored fork than interview a manic patient, try to make a conscious effort to look engrossed. This may be as simple as altering your resting facial expression.
  • Correcting your resident on rounds, or its extreme variant, “The Reverse Pimp”. Some medical students get so bent out of shape over being asked difficult “pimp” questions that they decide to try the “taste of your own medicine” routine. If you ask your resident or attending a question that is fact-based, a picky detail, or something that you’d find in a long paragraph of your basic science book, and you don’t ask it in a curious “I’m asking because I don’t know” manner, you may be a Reverse Pimper. Steer clear.

even if you’re not the smartest 3rd year ever to don a short white coat, never fear. Not knowing answers does not make you a bad medical student. Attitude and work ethic count for a lot!

What Makes a Bad Medical Student? [The Differential]


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