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How to Eliminate your Negativity

Posted by medliorator on March 18, 2008

The complainer is full of perpetual negativity. They will tell you openly and freely how nothing good ever happens to them, their luck is always bad, they never seem to get a break, they cannot get caught up, and virtually nothing ever goes right in their lives.
If you find yourself demonstrating these tendencies, it is time to take a good, hard look at your life and find ways to change your thinking so you view it in a positive light.

Here are a couple ways to turn your attitude around:


1. Find Your Positive Emotions – Rather than always trying to find the negative aspects of things, look for the positive ones. Tell yourself why your life is good, what has brought you luck, acknowledge things that bring you joy or satisfaction, and try to enter into any endeavor with a positive attitude.

The complainer overlooks them and instead dwells on all of the negative things that have happened.


2. Thoughts Create Your Reality – We have the power to bring about positive outcomes by entering into our endeavors expecting success from the beginning. If we expect to win, we will have a shot. If we expect to lose, we certainly will.

Our thoughts manifest themselves in our actions, and complaining is a negative thought, leading to negative actions. Many of these people who complain about having bad luck do not realize they are likely creating their circumstances with their negative attitudes.


3. Leave the Past Behind – complainers …tend to carry all the wrongdoings of their past with them. They cannot let go of the bad experiences of their lives, which closes the door for them to have positive experiences in the future. Until they can learn to bury the baggage of the past, they likely will not realize any changes in their fate in the future.

Positive thinkers acknowledge when they have been wronged, but they do not dwell on it. It does not get resurrected every time a similar circumstance arises. Just because they had a poor outcome one time does not mean they expect the same negative outcome again. Positive thinkers expect to succeed, and usually will.


One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself in terms of self improvement is to learn to think positively. Create your own success by expecting only the best things to happen.

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