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Benefits of Deep Breathing

Posted by medliorator on March 6, 2008

1. Becoming More Focused – One technique for being more focused and in the present moment is to start monitoring your breathing. Use deep breathing, inhale slowly for 2-4 seconds, feel the air going in through your nose, traveling through your chest, expanding your lungs and stomach, and raising your shoulders. Then as you slowly exhale for 2-4 seconds, feel the air leaving all those different parts of your body as it comes out of your nose. Notice how relaxing this is, and how it cut out any detracting useless thoughts you might of had going through your mind. Use this technique as often as you need to become more focused and present.


2. Becoming More Alert – Try deep breathing next time you drive, and slowly start noticing how wide your field of vision is. When stopped at a traffic light or an intersection, you should be able to look straight ahead and still see whats on your right and left, creating a 180 degree field of vision.
In social interactions, do you notice how sometimes you become a bit distracted, and even miss a few words or a sentence the other person said? Try deep breathing and notice how you are a lot more alert to what the other person is saying. You will also start becoming more alert to any kind of changes in their body language and facial expression vastly improving your ability to interpret and understand what they are saying.


3. Managing Your Fears – Next time you are feeling scared or nervous, just try slowing down and breathe deeply. This sounds very simple however it works. …I would be very nervous as I was approaching a stranger and as a result would even stutter or speak in a very low nervous voice. As I started using deep breathing, I noticed I started becoming more calm and collected as I would initiate conversations with strangers.


4. A Clearer Louder Voice – Most voice training programs recommend monitoring your breathing to improve your voice. Try this: breathe in deeply, feeling your stomach expand, and as you exhale start talking, notice how your voice sound louder, more resonating, and even a bit clearer. You might not be able to hear the difference yourself, however if you use a voice recorder, it will be very obvious. The more you monitor and improve your breathing the better your voice will become.


5. Better Fitness Workouts – …monitoring your breathing will greatly improve your workouts. If you are doing cardio, try deep breathing only through your nose, keeping your mouth shut. Monitor your deep breathing and make sure it stays at a slow steady pace. …If you are lifting weights try exhaling during the tougher part of the exercise.

5 Reasons to Monitor Your Breathing [Personal Hack]


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