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Attributes of a Successful Surgeon

Posted by medliorator on March 5, 2008

Back in the Dark Ages (i.e., when I was in training) it was said that the most important attributes a surgeon could have in order to be successful were:


1. Availability – In the surgeon’s world of the past, this meant being readily on hand, reachable, and quick to respond when asked to see a patient. “Capable of being gotten” means keeping your beeper on — and answering it. And, of course, being “qualified and willing to serve or assist” should be the hallmark of a good general surgeon.


2. Affability – Being pleasant to referring physicians, nurses, and referring docs is not only good for everyone involved, it also makes plain old good bidness sense.


3. Ability – the least important of the “3 A’s”


the fourth “A” — adaptability: The ability to change (or be changed) to fit changed circumstance


the successful …physician of the future …must be imminently adaptable. Quick on their feet to make sure that they are fully compliant with every mandate passed … Nimble enough to dance to the tune of a slew of paper-pushing high school graduates who will churn the numbers of a myriad of physician “quality measurements” … And ready and willing to keep their own statistics, to ensure that any perceived deviation from local, national or regional arbitrarily determined standards can be demonstrated to be false.


Adaptability will last, for a while, at the top of the list, with “ability” relegated to fourth place.

The “A’s” Have It [Aggravated DocSurg]


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