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Beware the Cast Saw

Posted by medliorator on February 26, 2008

I grabbed the cast saw and headed into the room. As soon as he saw the device, his eyes popped open wide and he began to retreat. I promised him that the cast saw would only cut cast material and wouldn’t cut his skin. He clearly didn’t believe me, and the loud rattling noise of the saw didn’t help convince him of it’s benign intent.So, to put the young man at ease, I decided to put on a demonstration for him. I once again promised him that it wouldn’t hurt him as I placed the blade against the back of my hand.


As I recoiled from the pain, the cast saw bounced across the back of my hand creating 3 large lacerations which instantly began to bleed. I was dumfounded! I had never been cut by a cast saw before.


The kid literally got up and ran to the corner of the room and began screaming.


The next week, they took the cast saw away for re-calibration.

Trust me, this won’t hurt [M.D.O.D.]


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