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How to Draw Blood

Posted by medliorator on February 20, 2008

From the #1 Dinosaur

I was taught that the bevel (the hole in the needle cut at an angle) should be up so you can see it as you go through the skin and into the vein.


when drawing blood or starting an IV, go in with the needle’s bevel down.


entering the vein (at any angle) with the bevel down instead of up vastly increases the area of the bevel that gets into the lumen. It’s also much easier to avoid damaging the back wall of the vein with the tip of the needle, especially if you concentrate on exerting upward pressure once you’ve entered the vein.


[Don’t start looking for veins] until after the tourniquet is on, and going by touch. Always go for one you can feel even if you can’t see it, instead of one you can see but not feel. You’ll miss the latter every time. If I can’t feel it I won’t even try.

Bevel Down [Musings of a Dinosaur]


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