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How to Stay Awake in Lecture

Posted by medliorator on January 28, 2008

  • bring coffee, discreet snacks, and gum
  • Even if you are not a note taker, start writing down everything the teacher is saying to keep your mind alert.
  • Move as much as you can. Tap your foot or bounce your leg. Switch position in your chair frequently. Stretch. Move your head. Tap your fingers
  • Pain. This is kind of an emergency procedure. If you can’t stay awake consider pinching yourself
  • Stimulating Thoughts: think of something that makes you happy or makes you feel good. I’ll leave it at that
  • Online activity: this wasn’t around when I was in college, but I would imagine if you’re in the back of the class you could surf the web, email your friends, and read Dumb Little Man
  • Entertain Yourself: see if you can summon your extrasensory powers by willing someone to look at you. Or try across the room flirting. Why not?

Don’t do these things

  • Rest your head in your hand
  • close your eyes
  • Lay your head down

How to Stay Awake at Work or School [Dumb Little Man]


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