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How to Handle Sexual Harassment

Posted by medliorator on January 21, 2008

If you’re the victim of sexual harassment while on rotations as a student or resident, here’s what I think you should not do:

  • Don’t bring up any complaints to junior staff. They’ll most likely side with their superior and probably don’t want to get involved with it anyway.
  • Don’t mention the offense to the perpetrator. The offender knows that he or she is doing wrong and will blatantly deny that any offense ever took place.
  • Do not take your complaint to the Dean of Medicine, or anybody else in the administration that is linked to the practice of clinical medicine or rotations at your institution. As explained earlier, they’ll do all they can to protect the school and program. You are not in their best interest.
  • Do not wait until your grade is released to file a complaint. This could backfire on you.
  • Do not threaten the perpetrator that you will turn them in. Let them think that all is harmless.

OK, so what should you do if you’re a victim of sexual harassment on rotations?

  • Contact a lawyer for advice. Preferably get one that specializes in workplace sexual harassment abuse.
  • Contact your hospital’s legal department and risk management informing them that you have been a victim of sexual harassment. Let them know you have already talked to your lawyer, which should expedite getting your appointment scheduled.
  • Set up an appointment to talk to risk management about the incident and make sure that your lawyer accompanies you to the meeting.

Sexual Harassment In Medical School [Med School Hell]


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