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5 Tips for Slacking

Posted by medliorator on January 10, 2008

Don’t get sucked into the negative stigma of the slacker. Slacking is good for your education


1. Optional Class Attendance – If you’re one of those students who learn just as well on their own, take advantage of [optional attendance]. While your classmates are spending 5-8 hours per day in class, you can spend that same 5-8 hours studying and be done with the study day by the time your gunner colleagues are just cracking the books. The result? More free time.


2. Transcribed Lectures – Along with not attending class, you now have the next best thing – each lecture in writing. It might take a little bit of time to separate the signal from the noise, but while doing so you can familiarize yourself with the topic. In the end you’ll be more efficient, have more free time, and be as prepared or better prepared than your colleagues.


3. Make Your Own Schedule – During years three and four, you’ll have to be somewhere at a certain time. Take the first two tips that I mentioned above, and use them to make your own schedule. Enjoy life. By the time you hit the wards during year three, you’ll be well-rested and ready to go. Don’t get stuck with regular hours just yet.


4. Hit The Gym – Most people think they don’t have time to exercise while in medical school. This is particularly true as exam time creeps up on you. Even during the week leading up to my Step I and Step II exams, I made sure to get some quality strength training and cardio time in. You’ll not only be impressing the ladies with your ripped physique and relieving stress at the same time, but exercise improves learning and memory.


5. Go Out With Friends – Students with a strong psychological sense in their community (i.e. healthy social interactions) reported less burnout than those who did not have as much social time.

Five Ways to Slack off and Still do Well in Medical School [Med School Hell]


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