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EMT Insight – Lessons Learned

Posted by medliorator on January 8, 2008

Back when I was very very new at this I… A lady wrecked her tiny sports car… She had a ton of horrible injuries, yet, she was completely alert and oriented, conversing appropriately. She really wasn’t in that much pain. Adrenaline will do that. We got her on the backboard… and got her in the ambulance. She kept telling the paramedic and I all these phone numbers, and names…telling us to tell so and so this, and so and so that. The paramedic kept telling her “ma’am, we’ll do that at the hospital; we’ve got to get you taken care of right now.” She didn’t make it to the hospital. She died 2 minutes before we got there. She went from completely lucid, to dead in about 2 seconds; just closed her eyes. I wish we would have just written down what she said.


Fast forward to a few months ago. I have an EMT student with me. We get called to a MVC on the interstate. A younger man wrecked his tiny sports car…. horrid injuries, yet he’s completely lucid. I have that gut feeling that he’s not going to make it. At first he couldn’t see, “all I can see his red, am I blind?” In the back of the ambulance he could see again, “you have beautiful eyes…my daughter has eyes like yours…” He went on to say will you tell my family this and that, here’s the numbers…I made my EMT student sit in the captains chair and write down everything. He died about 3 minutes from the hospital, just closed his eyes. He spent the last moments of his life thinking about his children, and his wife. He spent the last moments of his life smiling.


Like I’ve said before, some people are going to die, no matter what you do. Make sure and listen. That’s what makes a great provider… your ability to listen.

Lessons Learned [Backboards and Bandaids]


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