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Student Loan Deferment Program Remains Intact

Posted by medliorator on December 26, 2007

The student loan deferment program is intact for now. News can be found on the AMA website here. Basically what this means is that at least for now and until the fall (an unspecified month) of 2008, we will be able to take advantage of the economic hardship deferment. The subsidized student loans will not accrue interest. This is great because over the 4 years…we borrowed in subsidized interest 8.5K x 4 = 34,000 dollars. At an average of 4% (for me) that is 1,360 dollars. For those that borrowed at 6.8%, this is a savings of 2,312 dollars per year.

Good news on medical student loans and deferment [Finance Physician]

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