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Manage Finances with Less Effort – Mint

Posted by medliorator on December 25, 2007

Most medical students face financial pressure without the time required for planning and tracking. Mint is a integrative solution for efficient money management.

Mint compiles your financial activity in one location accessed with one login. Teach Mint to automatically categorize your financial transactions, and budgets become effortless.


  • Account creation is easy & Mint can handle almost any bank or credit institution.
  • Information is secure.
  • Mint will compile transaction histories for all accounts & cards daily.
  • Teach Mint to automatically categorize your transactions.
  • Visualize budgeting effortless.
  • Set alerts & goals.
  • Free.

Cons: (compared to rival Quicken)

  • No check-writing
  • Cannot create custom transaction categories (e.g. “booze” or “landscaping”)

We strongly endorse Mint for student finances. The holidays are an excellent time to get started. Set aside a few hours to add accounts and categorize previous transactions, setting up categorization rules for future transactions. This initial time investment offers immediate benefits. Once configured, your money management will be running on autopilot.


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