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Surviving a Task Explosion

Posted by medliorator on December 13, 2007

  • Know What You’re Prepared to Leave Behind – Ask yourself what you’ll need to give up if the time starts ticking down. Anything that isn’t crucial needs to be pushed back.
  • Begin Immediately – Some people react to a task explosion by procrastinating or working on something easy.
  • Shuffle Work – I make sure I shuffle my work in 60-90 minute chunks so I don’t get overtired. Shuffling means placing tasks that use different skills after each other.
  • Useful Laziness – make sure that your rest counts. Decide what really rejuvenates you and spend your short breaks doing that.
  • Eat Light – Digestion eats up a huge amount of energy. A good way to keep your energy levels high is to eat water-rich vegetables and low fat foods.
  • Unplug – Unplug the phone, internet or computer if you don’t need them that moment. Even if the silence is uncomfortable for the first few minutes, you can speed up to a quick flow.
  • Exercise – Many people, when they face a task explosion cut exercise first. Exercise helps you sustain high energy levels for working, even if you can only do a 30 minute power workout.

15 Tips for Surviving a Task Explosion [Lifehack]


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