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Rapid Chlamydia Testing

Posted by medliorator on November 30, 2007

Reporting by Ben Hirschler

The new Chlamydia Rapid Test (CRT) detects bacteria from self-collected vaginal swabs, which are much simpler to obtain than cervical swabs required by existing rapid tests. It is also up to twice as accurate.


The test is able to detect chlamydia in less than 30 minutes — and often much faster.


That could make it particularly useful in mobile clinics or amongst difficult-to-reach populations in the developing world, where high-risk groups such as female sex workers frequently carry the disease undetected.


The test will be made available by a university spinout company Diagnostics for the Real World in early 2008. The firm plans to provide the test at virtually cost price to the public sector in developing countries.


An evaluation of the test in three British clinics was reported in the British Medical Journal.

Rapid test offers new weapon against chlamydia

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