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How to Cope with Overload

Posted by medliorator on November 29, 2007

I’m tired, and I feel like I have too much to do on my plate.
Thankfully, I have a toolbox of tricks to help me deal with this. Here’s how I’m handling it.


I list out everything I need to do and/or is weighing on my mind… I usually make a big list of all of them on a piece of paper.


I then highlight only the ones that must be done immediately or are of deep, fundamental importance in my life.


After that, I just do the highlighted tasks and ignore the rest for now. Nothing else matters other than the highlighted tasks – the rest can literally fall off the face of the earth. My tasks are those highlighted – and nothing else.


Whenever something else comes up, I add it to the list instead of jumping up to do it immediately. The only exception to this is if it’s a personally devastating issue, meaning that if I don’t take action now, desperate things will happen. Everything else just goes on the list until the next go-round.


When the highlighted tasks are done, I go back and highlight a few more that are the most vital among the ones left, then do those. I just repeat this cycle over and over until things are back to normal.


Some people use all sorts of prioritization schemes and multiple to-do lists, but every time I try something that complex, I find myself fighting against it and not getting real stuff accomplished.

How To Deal With Demand Overload [The Simple Dollar]

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Group IM Chat with Gmail

Posted by medliorator on November 29, 2007

Here’s another reason not to commit to your .edu email acocunt exclusively.

If using the Gmail web client, launch a chat with your classmate using the chat panel in the left frame.
In the chat window you’ve just spawned, click Options >> Group Chat to invite a friend.

Repeat the invitation process as much as you like and spare yourself from inconvenient meetings.

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