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How to Power Nap

Posted by medliorator on November 27, 2007

By obtaining merely 20 minutes of sleep in the afternoon your body and mind will recharge and provide the extra push required to have a successful, productive day.
research shows that a midday snooze can boost productivity and alertness

But there is some controversy in the best way to take a nap. It may be that different people have different nap styles. I suggest trying some of the napping techniques below and see what works for you.

1. The Odd Couple
A recent Japanese study found that you can alleviate sleepiness by combining a short snooze with coffee. caffeine takes about 20-30 minutes to kick in, just enough time for you to nap. That way, if you’ve had a coffee-primed nap, the benefits are twofold: you’ve rested and you’re ready to go when you wake.

2. The Nicest Nap
Sleep experts say that 2 or 3 p.m. is the ideal nap hour — late enough to fit into your natural siesta zone but early enough that it will not interfere with your night sleep.

3. Length
A good nap length is somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. This will give you the restorative benefits of sleep without the lethargy or grogginess — what sleep experts call “sleep drunkenness.

4. Making the Bed
Learn how to control the environment to get the most out of power naps. Turn out all of the lights and close the doors and windows. If there’s lots of noise, plug your ears. You might also want to keep a dark-colored mask with you to block out all light so that nothing disturbs your power nap.

8. Grogginess
in most cases — if you sleep for less than 30 minutes — you won’t enter deep sleep. If you wake up in the middle of a deep sleep, you will feel groggy for 15 to 20 minutes. Try running cold water over your wrists or drinking a soda to wake yourself up.

9. Keep It Consistent
working that 20-minute nap into a particular sleep routine [makes] it part of your body’s expected circadian rhythm. Just like you go to sleep and wake up at approximately the same time every day, you should get into the routine of taking regular naps.

10. Be an Alert Napper
Are you down to only five or six hours? While a 20-minute nap is a good refresher, it will not make up for hours lost at night.

Top 10 Ways to Power Nap Smarter and Better
[ririan project]

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Don’t take long naps (more than 30 mins) during the day.

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How to Memorize Ordered Lists

Posted by medliorator on November 27, 2007

From Wired’s How To Wiki:

The Number/Rhyme Technique
simple way of remembering lists of items in a specific order. It is an example of a peg system – i.e. a system whereby facts are ‘pegged’ to known sequences of cues


This technique works by helping you to build up pictures in your mind, in which the numbers are represented by things that rhyme with the number, and are linked to images that represent the things to be remembered. The usual rhyming scheme is shown below:


1 – Bun
2 – Shoe
3 – Tree
4 – Door
5 – Hive


These images should be linked to images representing the things to be remembered, for example a list of ten Greek philosophers could be remembered as:


1 – Parmenides – a BUN topped with melting yellow PARMEsan cheese
2 – Heraclitus – a SHOE worn by HERACLes (Greek Hercules) glowing with a bright LIght
3 – Empedocles – A TREE from which the M-shaped McDonalds arches hang hooking up a bicycle PEDal
4 – Democritus – think of going through a DOOR to vote in a DEMOCRaTic election.
5 – Protagoras – A bee HIVE being positively punched through (GORed?) by an atomic PROTon


The Number/Shape System
As with the Number/Rhyme system it is a very simple and effective way of remembering lists of items in a specific order.
This technique works by helping you to build up pictures in your mind, in which the numbers are represented by images shaped like the number, and are part of a compound image that also codes the thing to be remembered. One image scheme is shown below:


1 – Candle, spear, stick
2 – Swan (beak, curved neck, body)
3 – (rotate shape though 90 degrees!)
4 – Sail of a yacht
5 – A meat hook, a sea-horse facing right


If you find that these images or shapes do not… stick in your mind, then change them
these images should be linked to images representing the things to be remembered. We will use a list of more modern thinkers to illustrate the number/shape system:


1 – Spinoza – a large CANDLE wrapped around with someone’s SPINe.
2 – Locke – a SWAN trying to pick a LOCK with its wings
3 – Hume – A HUMan child BREAST feeding.
4 – Berkeley – A SAIL on top of a large hooked and spiked BURR in the LEE of a cliff
5 – Kant – a CAN of spam hanging from a meat HOOK.

Memorize Anything [Wired]

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