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6 Tips for Clinical Rotations – Impress your Resident

Posted by medliorator on November 22, 2007

These are just a few easy things that any medical student can do to make their resident’s day a little easier. Take initiative! Offer help! Your residents will thank you.


1. Round on your patient before your resident does. That way the pertinent, most pressing issues will be addressed first, and the resident doesn’t have to weed through 80 lab values to find your patient’s elevated cardiac biomarkers.


2. Don’t rely on the resident to keep you informed of what’s going on with your patients. Take the initiative to ask last night’s on-call team for any overnight events. Know approximately when consults are going to happen, and follow-up on the note yourself.


3. If your resident doesn’t expect you to write the entire daily progress note, for goodness sakes at least write in all the vitals and lab values for them! A trained monkey could do that.


4. If the patient is a transfer or has gotten relevant medical care elsewhere, get the records release form, fill it out, fax it over, follow-up on the information.


5. Make your resident look good on rounds! Subtly mention that he/she taught you all about acid/base stuff or valvular disease or whatever, after you answer the attending’s question correctly.


6. Print out the patient census for everyone in the morning. Takes 30 seconds.


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