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Epocrates Rx for Blackberry – GruntDoc’s 1st Look

Posted by medliorator on November 12, 2007

Available here.

you have to have an account at Epocrates…. Then, you navigate to, and it warns you that it’s a big download and it takes a while. It is (9MB) and it does.


The first download is a loader program, and you have to input your epocrates username/password, then the really long download begins. Unlike Pepid…, there was no protracted index builiding, just a quick ‘agree’ and you’re off to the Epocrates races. Yes, it works, as well as on any of the Palms I’ve had it on.


However, it has induced a really weird and annoying behavior: every 10 seconds or so the hourglass spins on the BlackBerry, and for a second or so nothing works / can be changed. Then, it’s back to normal, for another 10 seconds. I’ve disabled the timed updating, but that didn’t change anything.


Update: Solved! Commenter RIDoc had the answer:


“Just read the Doc Alerts, pressed “No” for each request for information, and the hourglass disappeared.”

Epocrates Rx, now on Blackberry; my first take [GruntDoc]

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