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First Year Essentials

Posted by medliorator on August 26, 2007


  • Do enjoy your last summer of freedom (for a while)
  • Do complete financial, transportation, and household decisions before school begins
  • Do manage your time (consult syllabi, schedule study time outside of regular coursework every week, organize study groups)
  • Do talk to your professors (use office hours, ask for additional recommended texts)
  • Do talk to your advisor (important to a successful academic career—change them if the first one does not work for you)
  • Do talk to your fellow classmates (the quiet one in the corner just may have the answer)
  • Do use supplementary study aids (board guides, computer programs, unassigned textbooks)
  • Do go to professional conferences when possible (network, network, network!)
  • Do try to relax! (Hit the gym, go for a drink, host a barbeque, etc.)


  • Don’t panic! (feeling overwhelmed at first is normal)

  • Don’t spend the summer prior studying (school will take care of that)

  • Don’t waste money (budget early on while learning how to live on financial aid)

  • Don’t immediately purchase textbooks (if older, cheaper editions work—great!)

  • Don’t expect straight A’s (realistic expectations will make life easier)

  • Don’t be afraid to be wrong or feel stupid (learning is a process)

  • Don’t spend all your time studying (rest and relaxation helps the body process new experience more effectively)

  • Don’t obsess about details beyond your first year (acclimating to the information and pace is what beginning is all about)

  • Don’t forget to use resources like SDN (mentoring, advice, camaraderie)

Professional School – The First Year: What You Need to Know [Student Doctor Network]


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