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Convert Text to Audio

Posted by medliorator on August 9, 2007

Apple Phone Show offers a tutorial on text to spoken audio conversion that can utilize your transit time and facilitate multitasking. Text conversion tools will enable you to take your reading with you on your mp3 player or in your car, potentially turning any text into an audiobook.

Mac users will benefit from an on-board app called Automator, while Windows users will need to purchase a third-party software like TextAloud2 ($29.95).


1. Make sure the document you want to use is converted to plain text and that your document is saved with the .txt extension.
1. Open Automator.
2. Add an action by searching for and dragging “Get Contents of TextEdit Document” from the menu on the left to the blank box on the right.
3. Add action: “Text To Audio File” and complete the fields: System Voice, Save As, and Where.
4. Add action: “Rename Finder Items (Make Finder Item Names Sequential)”. In the first drop down box, select “Make Sequential”. Select “Add number to existing name”. Place number “after name”, and separated by “dash”
5. Add action: “Import Audio File”. Select “AAC Encoder” and check the “Delete source files after encoding.”
6. Save the Automator workflow as “Text to Speech”. Go to File – Save as plug-in, and select Script Menu to save.

Now you are finished with Automator and only have a few more steps to complete. Continuing with the process:


7. Open the document in TextEdit.
8. If needed, make any modifications to the text at this time.
9. Select the Scripts menu located in your menu bar. It looks like a scroll or curly “S” and choose the “Text to Speech” workflow. You will see the status of the conversion at work in your menu bar. When it’s complete, an audio file will automatically be added to your library in iTunes.


1. Download and install TextAloud2.
2. Open the TextAloud2 program.
3. Go to File – Open and select the file you want to convert to audio. You can change the file name that appears in the Title field if you choose. Remember where you save this file as you will need to navigate to it later.
4. Click the Speak To File button.
5. Choose where you would like to save the new audio file, and select OK to start the process. Wait for the process to complete.
6. When the process is complete, drag the audio file into your iTunes library.

Text To Speech: Convert Text Into Spoken Audio [Apple Phone Show]


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