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Forum Filter: Best Smartphone for Med Students

Posted by medliorator on August 1, 2007

bostonguy: What is the best smartphone for medical students?

danierrr: Get something with Windows Mobile 5 …on it — most if not all medical software is compatible with it. Skip on the Blackberry because ePocrates doesn’t run on it. I’ve got a Samsung BlackJack and love it!

MarzMD: I have a treo 680. I really like it,and its easy to install and run programs. Only problem is the battery life is really short.

LifetimeDoc: I have a Motorola Q …and I love it. The phone does run Epocrates, but the screen is small so it’s more difficult to navigate at times than on a full-size PDA

Chronic Student: I’ve got a cingular 8525. It’s pricey but it does everything and well. Battery life is excellent too.

Pharmdch: if you’re a practicing professional, don’t be too quick to eliminate a Blackberry from consideration. Given that Lexi-Drugs is now available for the Blackberry, it is a viable option for some users. Granted, it costs $75.00 for a one year subscription, but you get what you pay for; where it counts, Lexi-Drugs is vastly superior to Epocrates. One nice feature of Lexi-Drugs for Blackberry is the ability to receive live updates via the Blackberry data service. Of course, you’ll need to consider the cost of a Blackberry data plan when evaluating whether or not it’s a good option for you.

Lexi-Comp, Inc. offers numerous other clinical databases and programs for Blackberry. Go to –> Store –> Handheld Software –> Individual Databases to review all their products. Also, Skyscape ( offers lots of software that is now available for Blackberry.

If you’re certain that you want a dedicated PDA, … try a recent Windows Mobile PDA before committing to a Palm. The Palm OS is really showing its age at this point; there hasn’t been a major update of the operating system in years. Furthermore, it was never really designed for multitasking or more intense tasks like web browsing; it manages, but it’s clumsy.

brittanykgw: I have the Motorola Q, and I enjoy it for the most part. Pros: EV-DO compatible, easy to use Calendar, tasks, e-mail, etc., Small. Cons: Very slow with multiple applications, also consider buying a mini-SD card when using this phone. Battery life sucks.

My boyfriend (resident) has the Treo 700w, and works extremely well for him, except he does have issues with call quality and battery life.

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