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Remove Gall Bladder through Mouth

Posted by medliorator on June 26, 2007

The Oregon Clinic announced that Dr. Lee Swanstrom has recently performed the first transgastric endoscopic cholecystectomy in the US

Dr Swanstrom and his surgical team have subsequently completed two additional procedures as part of an IRB (Institutional Research Board) approved research study. The procedure involves removing the gall bladder without making traditional incisions on the surface of the skin, which is expected to result in less pain, lower risk of infection and a reduced recovery time as compared to traditional surgery.

Much of the discomfort and recovery time after conventional surgery — and even laparoscopic surgery — is due to the incisions made in the abdominal wall, particularly the larger incision needed to remove the gallbladder.

Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES), as this procedure has become known, involves passing flexible surgical tools and a camera through the patient’s mouth to reach the abdominal cavity by an incision made in the stomach. Once the operation is over, the surgeon draws any removed tissue back through the patient’s mouth and closes the hole in the stomach.

First Transgastric NOTES Gall Bladder Surgery in the US [USGI Medical]

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