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Forum Filter: Top 3 PDA Programs

Posted by medliorator on June 8, 2007

BlondeCookie: What are the 3 most useful medical PDA programs for clinicals?

1. iSilo (FREE iSilo texts can be obtained from
2. Skyscape 5MCC
3. Skyscape DrDrugs

1. epocrates free edition – but the pay for version is real nice with DDx
2. isilo
3. medcalc – for all your quick equation needs
and Stedman’s as a crutch when you just can’t remember that word

1. ePocrates Essentials (the name says it all – the best pharm reference)
2. PEPID EM (specific to emergency medicine, but other specialties available)
3. MedCalc

1. UpToDate (which also includes a drug database)
2. Stedmans
3. Archimedes (helped me remember the equations or just plug in play if I wanted).


1. Lexi Complete (includes drug info, 5mCC, tox, abbreviations, dictionary, etc)
2. iSilo
3. PIER – slow, and doesn’t have every disease in it, but it really does a great job of going in-depth into what it covers and backs up what it says with evidence.

1. Merck Manual – just like the book for your PDA (FREE) … plus has a great lab tool that helps decipher common labs
2. Epocrates – for meds but I have found that having the PDR also is a good tool
3. Even though I like 5mcc differential diagnosis calculator I think that diagnosaurus is pretty good (for being FREE)

The Johns Hopkins Antibiotics guide is awesome….

1. outline of clinical medicine (OCM)
2. A2ZDrugs
3. 5MCC


1. UCSF Hospitalist Handbook (Couldn’t have expected more and it’s free)
2. Epocrates (Free, and it comes with the useful calculators if you choose to download them)
3. Hopkins ABx guide (very good for learning the alternative Abx and often allows you to play STUMP THE ATTENDING)


Speaking of useful Palm OS software, I highly recommend Mike McCollister’s “McPhling” ( I also like snapCalc5, a freeware pop-up calculator applet. Very handy for on-the-fly calculations without leaving the program you’re in.

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