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Posted by medliorator on June 1, 2007

Less maintenance. By reducing your possessions, you reduce the amount of maintenance you need to do on those possessions, saving you both time and money.


Fewer fees. You can simplify your financial life by reducing the number of bank accounts and credit cards you have, thus reducing the number of fees you potentially have to pay. You can also simplify your bill paying by doing them online, by making them automatic, or by paying your bills as soon as they come in


Sell your crap. I save money on books (one of my biggest expenses in the past) by selling my used books or getting credit to buy more used books. Many people make a good side income by selling their stuff on eBay.


Lower transportation costs. If you simplify the things you need to do — reduce your commitments — and thus reduce the number of places you need to go, you have less driving to do. Another way to simplify transportation is to have one errands day … plan out the most efficient route so that you minimize driving.


Less impulse spending. One thing I’ve found is that as I reduce my possessions (and it’s an ongoing process), I also reduce my needs. A great way to do that is to monitor your urges, and to keep a 30-day list.


Simple fitness. I used to waste hundreds of dollars a year on a gym, and buy lots of fancy workout gear. Now, I run and bike on the road (who needs exercise machines?) and enjoy nature, for free. I do pushups and crunches at home, and lift a barbell. I also used to spend money on diet food, like Slim Fast or Weight Watchers or Atkins products. Now, I just eat vegetarian, and save a lot of money on meat products as well.

Simplify Your Life To Get Ahead [Money, Matter, and More Musings]


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