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Posted by medliorator on May 29, 2007

Dr. Inviz – I am currently applying to medical school. I was looking at a variety of options to make money while in medical school.

whopper – Hate to tell you this but you’re probably going to be so overworked that you won’t have time to manage money.

jefguth – Borrow at 0% using 0%, no fee, balance transfer credit card offers and deposit proceeds in a 5%+ savings account.…nce-transfers/

logos – Cash back credit card. Pay it off every month or the benefits won’t outweigh the cost. Mine is 5% on gas, grocery and pharmacy. 1% on everything else.
Online savings account. These pay higher interest rates. Convenient for us students that recieve a loan disbursement for an entire quarter/semester and then use it up slowly over that time. (HSBC, Citi, etc…)

Jocomama – I worked as a bouncer/doorman in Chicago clubs my first summer, and even my 2nd summer after Boards I (Psych Rotation).

Desperado Concentrate on medical school. You will have plenty of time to make money when you get out. Your single best investment will be in your own earning power. Other options include moonlighting (I did H&Ps for $20/hour at a local outpatient surgical center as an MSIV) sperm donation (I have a friend who was always rounding up volunteers in the class), volunteering for medical studies, egg donation (not worth the risk IMHO), working as a clerk in the ED or one of the wards (sometimes time to study on the job) etc. For the most part, just suck up the loans, you’ll get them paid back eventually.

oreosandsake – I flipped used cars my first year and a half off of craigslist.

Richie Truxillo – I sell my old stuff on Ebay for profit, do freelance programming work and make websites on the side. There are ways to make money, you just have to find ways that require minimal time investment since the lion’s share of it will be spent studying. Free time gets a little bit better in 3rd and 4th year though, so don’t worry too much.

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