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Handwriting: better penmanship = better doctor

Posted by medliorator on May 9, 2007

In the medical field, bad handwriting results in errors. Student Doctor Network outlines some motivating reasons to improve your handwriting.

confusion over drugs with similar spellings and similar sounds accounted for 15 percent of all errors reported to the United States Pharmacopeia Medication Errors Reporting Program from 1996 to 2001.


From 1993 to 1998, a total of 52 deaths resulting from drug name errors were reported.

Although we at Medliorate encourage the use of electronic prescribing tools whenever possible, the complete digitization of care-giving is far enough away to warrant a serious assessment of your penmanship. We’ve listed various tips for improving your handwriting below.

To improve your handwriting, it is helpful to analyze your penmanship to determine what you like and don’t like about your lettering style. Are your letters slanted too far in one direction? Are some of your letters noticeably larger or smaller than others? Is the spacing between words uneven? Compare your handwriting to the writing of your friends, family, and coworkers to see how you measure up. Knowing what areas need improvement will make the process to improve your handwriting much easier.

From wiseGEEK


Realize that practicing and perfecting will be an ongoing process. To truly improve your handwriting, you must work on it enough that the improvements become natural behavior.


Begin with individual letters and practice writing at least one letter per day, incorporating the improvements that will help you reach your goal.


Utilize downtime during boring meetings, seminars, lectures, doctor’s office visits and so on to practice your handwriting. This will be far more useful in the long run than your usual doodles.

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Stop using a biro. Ball pens allow you to jot down notes quickly, but they don’t improve Your handwriting. Buy a filler. Don’t buy the first one you see, invest some time in searching a filler that you are really content with. It does not have to be very expensive, but it is okay when you let it cost you something.

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